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"...we'd think nothing of trackside photographers standing close enough for us to clip their toes...and Geoff Goddard was certainly right up there amongst the best..."
- John Surtees, World Champion, 1964

Geoffrey Goddard
Veteran motor racing specialist Geoffrey Goddard shot his first films in 1947-48. He became a full-time professional in the early 1950s, firstly as chief photographer for Motor Racing magazine and In the '60s and '70s he became European Photographer for the American journal Road & Track. His work provides our stunning core coverage from classic venues of the '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s and early '80s.

"There were a number of photographers around in those days able to provide a few memorable quality photos and a few others who seemed to have a great quantity of photos. Very few, however, were like to give us both!"
- Phil Hill, World Champion, 1961

Nigel Snowdon
Nigel Snowdon began photographing motor racing in Australia while working as a Qantas engineer. He came to Europe in the early 1960s and has shot beautiful-quality material ever since for myriad publications worldwide, including much work for Autocourse and Automobile Year. The GP Library holds Nigel's material from 1988.

"Nigel Snowdon has been part of the Grand Prix circuit for as many years as I have been in Formula One as a driver and now as a team owner..."
- Jackie Stewart, World Champion, 1969, 1971, 1973

Diana Burnett
A superb photographer of motor racing and personality subjects, Diana's attention to detail and infinite patience has this section of The GP Library peerlessly well-indexed and cross-referenced, with every individual transparency keyed and captioned to speed location.

John Dunbar / Zooom Photographic
John Dunbar grew up in the motor racing photography business with Motor Sport and Motoring News. In the 1970s he went freelance and formed Zooom Photographic with fellow photographers David Winter and Charles Briscoe-Knight. The entire Zooom archive - covering Formula 1, 2, Formula 3000, sports and touring car racing from c.1976-77 to 1997 is now within The GP Library - including many highly creative images - and all of stunning quality.

Michael Keppel
Michael Keppel ran his own 'Formula One Photographic' agency from the early 1970s until his recent and premature death. The portion of Michael's photography held by the collection provides excellent, often highly creative, coverage of Formula 1, 2, 3, sports and touring car events and sporting personalities.

Rob de la Rive Box
Swiss-domiciled, Dutch born enthusiaist and dealer Rob Box began writing on desirable high performance cars in 1972 and produced several books, most notably on Maseratti and an A-Z guide of quality cars, beautifully illustrated with his own colour work - now within The GP Library.

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