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About The GP Library
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"The total number of images held within The GP Library is a complete mystery to us - we know it exceeds 500,000 but it may well pass the million mark..."
- Doug Nye, Racing Historian

Who Are We? is the online section of the GP Library, a massive archive of motor racing photography run by collector Paul Vestey and motor racing historian Doug Nye. Our combined interest in all aspects of the sport extends from its dawn in 1888 to the present day. The total number of images held within The GP Library is a complete mystery to us - we know it exceeds 500,000 but it may well pass the million mark - we have never had the time to count, nor make any real calculation. We do, however, have a firm grasp upon identification - no matter what period.

The GP Library

The GP Library preserves and provides use of the combined work of photographer and collector Geoffrey Goddard, of Nigel Snowdon and Diana Burnett, of John Dunbar and his Zooom Photographic agency and of the late Michael Keppel and Rob de la Rive Box - with further material from myriad other high-quality sources being added as required and as and when it becomes available.

What Do We Offer?
In the Gallery section of this website we present a selection of some of the GP Library's most attractive images of the past 50 years. Prints of all of the images in the Gallery can be purchased via this site, see our Buying Online section. The Gallery's current focus is upon the post-World War 2 period from 1950 to 1996-97 inclusive. Our coverage includes major-league racing in Formula 1, World Championship sports cars, top-quality 'nuts and bolts' shots of both these main classes, and contemporary sporting personalities. Both colour and monochrome are available - the latter throughout our period, our colour beginning as early as 1954 but only really becoming widespread and extensive from c.1961-62 onward. The GP Library's image quality may be matched, but with photographers of such ability it will not be surpassed. Neither - for 'framing prints' or for 'restoration reference prints' - will the value-for-money which we offer to you, our fellow enthusiasts.

For professional photo researchers and for commercial reproduction of images from The GP Library our charges match normal industry standards - with one exception. We do not normally charge more the larger the photograph is used, except in the case of outside covers.

Where Are We?
The GP Library resides with Paul Vestey and Doug Nye in the depths of the English countryside. We are contactable by e-mail to or by traditional British post office at PO BOX 67, Alresford, SO24 0WU. Professional photo research inquiries by telephone or facsimile please. Research visits are welcome by appointment.

Because it seemed a good idea to share this wealth of spectacular photography and detailed reference material with you - the like-minded enthusiast or professional researcher. Frankly, it just seemed wrong to keep this wonderful resource to ourselves...we drink therefore we are.

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